Story of my Life

So here I am, for the very first time in my life writing something about myself in any social medium.I know people won’t even bother to read it or see it by any chance.But you gotta do what you gotta do right.I am not that of famous personality or rich guy or any of those philosophical writer guy that wants to write about his life.I am 22 years of young guy as of now.And I see people of my age,making it to the major(some of them have made name for themself in the fashion world,while some of them in music and while others in business) and I am here like what I have been doing all these years of my life.I feel like I am not taking my life seriously in a way that will nourishes my career.

I know you are already getting bored by all of the stupid things I am writing about (if you are still reading).And talking about me,I am not very much fond of writing and reading exactly and I don’t even know what I am particularly interested in.

I am a BSc.CSIT student of 6th semester and I don’t even have much of those skills, to proudly say that I am an IT student.But lately I have been interested in web-page designing and fascinated by it.
I have goals and dreams like every other person but theres a long way to achieve that.And this is probably because of procastinating the work.I have this bad habit of doing absolutely nothing and just probably thinking of what will happen in the future and how I am gonna be the person I pictured of.

I get inspired by so many things any so many people around me but at the end of the day I am still the same person that ain’t doing any productive work.

And this is me,while trekking around sundarijal.

I am knowing more of myself and discovering the inner side of me that I didn’t knew I had one.One part of me is that of childish mind who just wants to have fun in watching movies,playing games and travelling around the city while the other side of me is very much curious and ambitious about my goal and career.

I am discovering more of myself that I don’t have to be angry at silly things and get distracted by those idiots around me who just wants to fool around.I am getting to more about people behaviour and their way of expressing life.
I believe that my dreams and goal can be fulfilled with all my hardwork,dedicaton and devotion towards my aim.

I don’t know who quoted this but I do believe “Sometimes you gotta take one step backward to jump two step forward.”

As of today this much for now.You have tolerated me enough for today until next time see you again.Hopefully,will write soon!

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