Brain-Heart balance
Brain-Heart balance
Image by DAMIAN NIOLET from Pixabay

A teary-eyed heartbroken kid, who once dropped his ice -cream cone, said to me — “Never get attached to anything in life”. Truer words were never spoken before!

Fast forward to the time when I joined a company as a Product Manager, my hiring manager and others told me to consider the product as my own baby, think of myself as the mini-CEO of the product and few other idioms. Boy, didn’t it feel good to hear those catchy phrases!

I took those words directly to my heart, brain, blood vessels and imbibed it in my soul (may sound dramatic, but I am a passionate person!). Every morning, noon, evening and night I would login to the test portal of the product I was in-charge of, spend a lot of time getting my hands dirty and playing with it. Initially, I would not understand the flow and question the other PMs, devs and testing team on the functionality. They would explain to me how the functionality works and what was the motivation for developing such a feature. I slowly started getting proficient in the product as I started to know the in and out of how the feature worked and what problems it solved and what was the use case for building it. …


Ujval Bucha

Product Manager | Observant | Detail Oriented

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