The middle class delusion: Why young Indians need a reality check
Utsav Mamoria

This is an extremely weak argument Utsav: “good education, fluency in English and access to the best the country has to offer…Stop calling yourself the middle class. Stop wearing it as a badge of honour.”

You are equating fluency in English and “access” to the best that is available as *Not* being in middle class.

Really? English speaking people are above middle class?

Then having access makes you above middle class? If you take a home loan and repay that in 30 years — that certainly is access and that makes one beyond middle class? Please check the rates of 1500 sq ft — 3 bedroom apts in Gurgaon, Mumbai, or Bangalore. The Builder Mafia of India charges anywhere between 1 Cr to 3 Cr for such basic spaces and people end up paying Principal and Interest to have semblance of privacy and decent living space for 30 years — so they are beyond middle class.

Sounds like a Politican speak. Here is what being beyond Middle Class means. It means that you can have a decent house about 10 Km off center of city, send kids to a decent private school (e.g. DPS), have TV/Fridge/Microwave/Sedan, eat out for Rs 1500 once a month, watch 1 movie with family once a month in a multiplex, buy books and periodicals for Rs 1000 per month, and travel economy class or AC-2 twice a year with family(4) to meet relatives or take a 5 day vacation in Manali ****AND**** then have enough savings in the bank or other assets that ****after 65 you can survive for another 20–30 years on your own**** with self-respect, medical expenses, living expenses, elderly care, physio therapy costs, help costs etc. Now that is near impossible given the Interest rates on loans and taxes that the politicians eat or misuse.

Basically your definition of Middle Class needs to be calibrated again.

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