My Top 10 Apps.

I’m not too fond of the charade of rating and featuring mobile apps. But nevertheless I do have a few loyal apps I use almost everyday for work and play.


Task Management App (Android / iOS)

I've tried everything from actual sticky notes to Google Keep. But the best task manager I've used would be the App. It also syncs up my daily tasks with the calendar app which is next up on the list.

Two. Cal

Calendar (Android / iOS)

A clear and beautiful calendar which works perfectly with the Google Calendar service.

Three. Pocket

“Read Later” App? (Android / iOS / More)

It simply lets me save any article on the web for later reading. But the thing I love most about it is the fact that it gets rid of all the distractions and makes reading any article off any website look somewhat like this post on Medium.

The mobile app syncs up with the online app — which also makes reading on the go much less of a hassle.

Four. Pushbullet

Push. Mobile → Browser. (Android / iOS / Chrome / More)

One thing I absolutely hate is trying to type in an email address off my phone screen onto a laptop. Pushbullet takes the trouble away by making it super easy to send links/notes/messages/pictures right off my phone onto my browser.

I use this app more than you’d expect.

Five. Google Inbox

For all things email. (Android / iOS)

I don’t even know why I put this on the list. But I tend to rely heavily on email. Which makes this one of the most used apps on my phone.

Six. Aldiko

eBook Reader (Android)

I went through several eBook reading apps before settling down to the Aldiko App. The catch is that while most other apps were either the best for reading or best for organizing your eBooks, Aldiko was the best for both.

I just realized I haven’t got any more apps to feature.
Just six apps for work and play is all I need.

P.S. — In my world reading counts as play.

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