See what’s new in Kabbalah University


Preview any class on Kabbalah University without login.


The Search box is now more helpful!

Intelligent search: helps fill in what you are looking for based on popular search terms and relevance to the lesson.

Intelligent search

Filtered search: gives you the option to filter for what to search for within Kabbalah University.

Filtered Search

Redirect (After signing in, taken to homepage instead of back to the lesson page)

Browse through classes, without being logged in. If you find a class you like click it sign in and you will be taken right back to it!


Topics page

We will soon have a page with all the topics Kabbalah University offers. This way you can delve deeper and learn more about a certain subject matter.

Suggested classes

Interested in a certain topic? Kabbalah University will auto suggest classes suited specifically for you!


New designs to the site will make it easier to navigate. Coming soon!

See the link below for for some snapshots:


Remember me is now called keep me logged in

Profile page

Profile page
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