Many proud car owners like to customize their vehicle in some way or other. It may just be some fancy paintwork or bespoke chrome wheels or some super wattage sounds.

The same thing is starting to happen with hover boards like the Swegway. It’s possible to buy Bluetooth fittings to help listen to your music as you whizz around the park. And instead of making pedestrians have to guess your direction, you can fit some LED indicators.

There are also LED lights front and rear that make any hover board visible at dusk, the time when historically most road accidents occur. There is a recent addition that can be added to your accessories list and that is a GPS system.

It makes you wonder how far off we are with a system that would allow a person to tap in some coordinates and the Swegway would take you there.

Unfortunately, there would have to be some extremely smart software that taught the transporting device to stop as requested at traffic lights and modification to the design that would allow safe encounters with kerbs on pavements.

Before thinking about all the Swegway spare parts you’ve first got to buy your Swegway. There’s quite a lot to consider here.

First of all, without being too blunt, overweight people will have a problem! As a rule the standard seven inch wheel is the most commonly seen but this is not recommended for anyone weighing more than one hundred kilos, or in old money, fifteen and a half stone.

Although some people over that weight may still get the same performance, the way the board is set up will make it slightly trickier for them to balance.

There is a ten inch hover board or Air Wheel that can carry more weight up to a recommended one hundred and twenty kilo or eighteen and a half stone. But frankly, if you weigh this much perhaps you should be walking.

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