Why buy Gold?

Gold bullion offers a low-risk investment for everybody’s investment portfolio. Gold has always had the ability to maintain its high value and with the current economic uncertainties and low interest returns available from banks, investing in Gold bullion has been more popular than ever. 
Recent years has seen a closure of many banks and placing doubt into people’s minds whether their money is actually safe. Furthermore, fluctuating interest rates, currency values and stock markets have all contributed to make Gold a popular alternative option for investment. 
Gold bullion has always held its high value worldwide and is globally recognised as a wise investment choice. The price of Gold has seen a steep increase in recent years and economic experts believe Gold prices will continue to remain high and rise as the demand for Gold worldwide hits new heights.
The recent British referendum has seen the price of gold increase by 22% year to date. Online bullion sellers such as Ukbullion.com have experienced a huge growth in sales by global investors.
Both China and India have seen a rise in private investors in both the Gold bar and coin market. Other countries around Europe including France, Switzerland, Turkey and Germany have also experienced huge uplifts in consumer demand.

Gold bullion is available in bars and coins. UK Sovereigns and Britannias are always a popular choice as they are still considered legal tender, which means they don’t attract any capital gains tax. 
Investors can buy from as little as a gram which is a low cost option for first time buyers. Selling your gold grams at any time is also available with retailers like ukbullion.com who provide real time pricing.

Popular choices for both small time investors and wealthy individuals are the one-ounce gold bullion coins such as Krugerrands or Britannias. Such investors recognise the advantages of owning legal tender bullion coins, either in their possession or in secure storage.