Some of the Strangest Locks that You Did Not Know Existed

There is not just one but many different kinds of locks that the world has to offer. These are not just for show but are actual tools or devices that people have used over the past to protect their valuables. Here in this list, you will find some of the strangest locks that are out there. It includes technology that is centuries old and also the ones that have been invented recently. Although many of their designs are puzzling, they work just fine and do their job perfectly.

Arvind Padlock

This is an Indian padlock system that is not very easy to get through. The user will be required to know a couple of tricks in order to open it. There is a bolt that needs to be backed out of the body of the lock. Then there is a keyway that has to be rotated to a position that resembles 9 ‘o’ clock on the watch. After all the finagling is done, it is time for the key to be inserted. The internals of the lock use a lever system, which varies in quality depending on the manufacturer. Picking this lock without any knowledge of how it works is going to do you no good. You will have to prepare the keyway first.

The practicality of this type of lock is not very good, since it is important to have access to the back of the same in order for unscrewing the rounded bolt. The cover of the keyway had also been elevated quite a bit from the body of the lock, which is bad because it is not going to keep the dirt and grime at bay. However, for the collectors, it is definitely a wacky one.

Dumbbell Lock

This lock is going to appear strange and weird just by its looks. It is the shape of this device that has secured it the name of ‘dumbbell lock’. Although it does not look very practical because of its size, there are lots of uses for it. It can be placed though a chain or hasp, just like any other padlock. Because of its sheer size, this one can also be used for locking your motorcycle. In terms of its keyway, this lock is even stranger. It can surely be picked, but at the same time, has a lot of weirdness to offer to the world.

Lily Water Padlock

The lily water padlock comes in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes. However, the true weird thing about them is their keyway. It has the typical pattern of a cruciform, with distinct bend on each of the side holes. Because of its swastika-shaped keyway, it is mainly used in Hindu and Buddhist markets, resembling ‘eternity’ in Sanskrit.

These are a few of the many weird locks that the world has to offer. Get to know them, and if you are not looking stuff for practical use, get them for your collection instead. After all, the more you know about locks, the better you have the chances of getting through a tough situation!
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