My Andela ALC journey so far…

Set for the journey and challenges ahead

The Andela Android Learning Community came at a time I was almost forgetting about my dreams of becoming an Android developer. At a point in 2015, I was really keen on learning Android Development, so I quickly searched for and downloaded the tools I thought would help me achieve my dreams. I downloaded the Android Studio which had been sitting pretty on my laptop without being used until the Andela ALC and also Eclipse Android Developer Tools. I didn’t quite know which one to use exactly. I didn’t also know where to go or how to use it. I then searched online for tutorials but they were difficult to understand somehow for a total beginner with no coding experience. I then stumbled on Udacity and I saw the Android Development Nanodegree Programme which got me excited that my dreams are finally coming true. I quickly created an account but lo and behold, there was a fee to pay to do the course and I didn’t have such an amount of money. So I decided to keep the account until when I could afford it myself. At this point, my journey was hindered a bit, I had the necessary tools to proceed on the journey but I did not have the financial back up to move. I had a Udacity account, an Android Studio and an Android Developer Tools software lying idle on my laptop. Actually, it was occupying space but I could not just uninstall it.

Early this year 2017 when Andela published the scholarship for Android Development for Beginners, I knew it was an opportunity for me to rekindle that dream of becoming an Android Developer and I was willing to give it everything to get enrolled on the scholarship. I was excited when I was awarded the scholarship after the test and selection process. On our first meet up, the facilitator asked, ‘how many people has Android Studio on their laptops’, that question wasn’t for me because I had mine years ago lying idle and so while my colleagues were busy trying to install Android Studio, I was waiting for the Facilitator to tell me what to do, I was ready and super excited. The facilitator told us that we need to learn two languages, XML and Java, for me I was not scared of learning something new and since it was a dream come true for me, I was willing to do anything to achieve that dream and also the fact that as a Physics graduate I have seen all forms of calculations, logic and computations like Laplace transforms, Fourier series, Schrodinger Equation, Hermite Polynomials and Maxwell’s equations and so I thought, what could be more difficult than these?

I will say the learning process was quite smooth for me from day one but also very challenging since I was coming from a no coding experience background but so far, with passion, determination, courage and discipline, I have been able to take my journey one step at a time. I remember that moment when the Facilitator enabled the Developer’s options on my phone, I became the first person at ALC Uyo to actually lunch the ‘Hello World’ App, I was so excited that I posted it on Slack and since then I have not looked back on this journey.

My First App — Hello World App

The Udacity tutors Katherine, Kunal and Lyla really made life very easy as they broke down a very seemingly difficult concept like Object Oriented Programming to the level of the beginners. In all, they udacity tutors made the lessons very easy to grasp! The Andela ALC Uyo facilitators too, Sam Esidem and Emem Brownson really assisted when necessary.

So our first Project was to design a single screen app that displays information about a fictional small business. At this point, I was still trying to understand and implement the different layouts and so I paid little attention to the aesthetics of the App, but I was really excited how far I have gone after my first ‘Hello World’ App.

Project 1 — Business Information App

On our Second Project which was actually the Score Keeper App, I was amazed at how far I have gone in terms of the designs.

Project 2 — Score Keeper App

and lastly our final project was an Educational App that quizzes a user about a certain topic and so for me I decided to build a Physics quiz App.

Project 3 — Educational App

I was excited when I completed all my projects in two months, at completion, I was happy that I have made progress on my journey and I now look forward for what lies ahead as I proceed with more courage and determination.

According to Lao Tzu, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’, and I have taken that step towards becoming an Android Developer.

I will like to thank Udacity, @googleafrica and @Andela_Nigeria for the opportunity.

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