How Private and Public Fostering Agencies are Different from Each Other?

When planning to adopt a baby, foster parents usually get confused between the private and public fostering agencies. Most of them consider them the same and make the wrong decision. There is a huge difference between both the fostering agencies. Based on these differences, some adoptive parents might prefer public agencies while others might like private foster care agencies.

Looking at the problem individuals who are interested in fostering services, but confused from where to start, here is the clear differentiation between private and public foster care homes.

Wait time

Average wait time at a private fostering agency in the Harrow is around 1 to 12 months while it might take 1 to 5 years at the public adoption center. Families, who cannot wait for years to start fostering a child usually, prefer private agencies.


Public fostering agencies generally get financial support from local, state and federal sources. Children come to the foster care home either when their parents live them or when a local court terminates a parent’s right.

On the other hand, private agencies get funds from fostering parents or other people interested in social services. There can also be some organizations that offer special grants to the agencies for specific services. These agencies can include both profit and non-profit organizations.

Cost of adoption

There is also a difference in the cost of adoption at both the fostering agencies. Adoption cost at a public or state agency is none or minimal. Further, some families also get the federal tax credit. With the private agencies, foster carers in the UK might have to incur a cost of around $25,000-$50,000. Basically, the state adoption includes the cost in terms of time, home study and other expenses associated with child care.

Quality of services

When it comes to the support for the foster carers in Harrow, private fostering agencies are more prompt in attending the calls, replying the emails or offering any other support. When dealing with the state fostering agencies, all you do is to wait for their responsive and get nothing at the end. Even when it comes to post-adoption support, public foster care homes are much better than public agencies.

Fostering child’s age

Age of the child you want to adopt has a strong relation with the type of fostering agency you select. Most of the adoptions at private foster care homes are of the infant to one year child while the age of children adopted at state adoption varies from 1 year to 18 years.


Private fostering agencies in the UK offer complete training and support to the interested foster parents. They have a team of qualified trainers, who update the parents and the individuals working at the fostering agency with the right techniques to nurture children. As nurturing own child is different from taking care of a fostering child, parents usually need training, which is not provided at the state adoption agency.

Clearly, there are numerous things foster carers need to think when planning to adopt a child. Due attention to all these things such as cost, time and support of the experts help you pick the right fostering agency in the UK. If you still find it difficult to make the right choice, it is recommended to take help of an expert. Private fostering agencies have separate consultation team that trains and guides the individuals. From the adoption process to the right techniques for fostering children in UK and winning their trust, they guide you at every step.