Clever Ways to Help Save a Neon Sign

Well, well, well…another year has passed, and another sign has vanished from the pages of history. This time, it’s a scenario we’ve all seen before: money fueling the ever-changing attitude toward keeping something that was once pure and wonderful — around. Using that sign that has provided you joy over the years can eventually inspire future generations to appreciate these handcrafted glass and metal works of art. Did you know that you can refurbish a neon sign, relocate it inside your business, or donate it to the nearest neon museum for public display? If the novelty of talking about how great a sign used to be has worn out and you’ve been tempted to act, it’s time to consider attempting some innovative new strategies to assist you save a neon vibes uk . Continue reading for three inventive ways to save a neon sign that you might not have considered.

1. Create a document

Google searches for neon signs have increased by over 300 percent, indicating that people are hunting for neon-inspiration. How it works is as follows: You begin with a neon sign and work your way up to a treatment plan. These outlines are popular with city offices, funding agencies, and historical societies since they may save time by just snapping a photo of the sign’s level of elevation and the building’s present status. Are you still not convinced? Starting with the age, construction, and materials, and then adding the number of transformers will provide you with a list of items that may be quantified. It’ll explain all they’ll ever need to know about saving the sign in some way.

2. Host a Challenge of Your Own

Make your own “save the neon” competition and host it. Group forums and private Facebook pages are great places to gather positive energy from friends and family who share your sign-saving interests. Why not start your own community if you can’t find one that interests you? You can post photos of signs on the verge of being removed, announce a crowdfunding drive for a specific neon sign, such as on Kickstarter, and compile old articles to create a compelling narrative. 3. Come up with new ways to save money on signs.

There are a plethora of inventive sign-saving solutions on the internet. The restoration of neon signs might be aided by local city planning and small business agencies. For guidance, consult the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards (Standards) for the National Park Service. The Preservation Brief №25 from 1991 covers the specifics of historic signage and best practises, as well as the types of laws that may or may not exist.

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If all of this seems too much for you, seek help from a sign preservationist. Here are a few resources that may be able to provide additional information, research assistance, or general guidance.

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