Kill Your Boring Time with Rummy Game

It was always fun to play Indian rummy 13 card game with my friends or online when I was in Bangalore. The below are the few instances wherein you can actually play this game without any hassle.

  1. Take a quick break while working

Rummy is a game of skill and a good entertainer too. Whenever you got a heavy work load and looking for a quick relief, then play a very quick rummy game like best of 2 or best of 3 to refresh yourself from the stress.

2. Boring party

Sometimes you cannot avoid to join parties or boring functions. It’s always better to go a party with right kind of people, games & food to be fun.

And it would be quite embarrassing to go with a laptop to party, to have fun on your own, but you can always bring mobile with you.

If you got your mobile + 3g/4g internet and you can have fun. Yes, just download & install classic rummy mobile app & start playing your favorite rummy games anywhere & anytime.

3. While Traveling

Here is the complete list of things anyone can carry while traveling. Addition to the list carry a “power-bank”, pack of playing cards.

4. During festivals

In India, rummy game is played during festivals, get-together & special occasions, but that’s offline rummy. Play the same rummy game online as many rummy sites provide offers & promotions (like cash back & tourneys).