It seems I should apologise, a few months ago I wrote a post about 2016 being the last Hackference. And I’m glad to say I was very wrong!

I’d like to announce that Hackference will once again be taking place in 2017 in its usual format of a single-day conference with a full weekend hackathon. And even better it’s being done with the support and management of Matthew Revell, the owner of and the mind behind DevRelCon and a bunch of other events.

So what can you look forward to this year. As always you can expect…

Using Compose’s MySQL service & IBM Bluemix to run your blog

MySQL is a hugely popular database. Not only is it the cornerstone of a massively-relied-on development stack (LAMP), but it also backs a huge amount of open source systems on alternative stacks.

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Meme credit: Moz

All or nothing

The internet is full of blogs or, more precisely, full of people using blogging software to build other things, from image galleries to full shopping carts. They’re able to build all this stuff because of the prevalence of open source blogging software and because this software is highly extensible. …

For the last four years I’ve been developing and running an event in Birmingham, UK called Hackference. The event has always been a single day conference followed by a weekend hackathon, and I’m really proud to say that I stole heavily from (run by Melinda Seckington, Cristiano Betta, Kevin S Prince and Robert Lee-Cann) as well as Kings of Code 2013 (ran by Sam Wierema).

I should also give credit to my wife at this point as I spent weeks building this idea and getting my employer at the time Winning Moves to get involved. Problem was I couldn’t…

Mike Elsmore

Developer Advocate for @logzio, ex @packtpub @ibmcloudant love building stuff and drinking coffee.

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