The Last Hackference

For the last four years I’ve been developing and running an event in Birmingham, UK called Hackference. The event has always been a single day conference followed by a weekend hackathon, and I’m really proud to say that I stole heavily from (run by Melinda Seckington, Cristiano Betta, Kevin S Prince and Robert Lee-Cann) as well as Kings of Code 2013 (ran by Sam Wierema).

I should also give credit to my wife at this point as I spent weeks building this idea and getting my employer at the time Winning Moves to get involved. Problem was I couldn’t think of a name and a way to describe the idea simply. Luckily Katy is much smarter than me and was able to create the term that has dominated my life and the way I’ve interacted with a lot of people in my career.

Hackference itself has grown, with more and more people getting involved as attendees, speakers and sponsors, but I have to say a special thank you to Jake Price and Curtis Harding. These guys have gone from supporters, to volunteers to finally for the last two years helping me to organise and manage the chaos.

Since I started Hackference I can’t describe how happy I have been with the results, people love to come speak, people love to come watch and people love to come and hack. And I’ve been really privileged to become good friends with a lot of these people.

But alas, this note is a message about The Last Hackference. This was a running joke through out the event as I have a tendency to get stressed and say I’ll never do it again. It even became part of the opening and closing parts of the conference.

And now after four years, this is the last Hackference. Due to life circumstances between myself, Jake and Curtis we can’t produce another event. Some people are going to be upset about missing out

but plenty of people can share the amazing experience that was Hackference with you all. And you can even watch some videos from Hackference 2016

But for now that’s it, if things change I’ll sure be making a song and dance on the internets.

All I can say now is thank you to everyone that supported the event, everyone that’s spoke at the conference, the amazing organisations that have sponsored us, the brilliant attendees and the people behind some amazing hacks. Thank you all.