Tried some blog services



Mediumに関してはやっぱりデザイナーが多い。自分はもともとTumblrが好きで使ってたんだけど Tubmlrはサブカルよりの人間が多い。文章よりは画像をガンガンリブログしていくイメージはまぁある。最近あんまり拡散されてるところを見ない。Mediumの方はUI/UXデザイナーでは使ってる人をたまにみる。あと自分が好きなアーティストである zach lieberman も。



去年、日本語のGoogle翻訳もDeep Learningの技術入れたみたいなのでそのまま突っ込んだら良い感じの英語になるんじゃないかという気がする。あとでやってみよう。それここに貼れば海外の人も見れる。


Test some blog services

I wonder if this is the place to write the title. I just touched a little while ago but I feel a close feeling. I also tried 4 more. But it’s okay because I always have trouble thinking about the title.

I’m wondering which blogging service to use, but I felt good when I chose based on “how I want to see”. Which cluster do you want to think? After all it seems that every blog service has atmosphere.

As for Medium there are still many designers. I originally liked Tumblr and used it, but Tubmlr has many subcal lovers. Well there are images that re-blog images than sentences. I do not see places that are diffused much recently. Medium people will occasionally see people using UI / UX designers. Also zach lieberman, my favorite artist.

Afterwards, I feel that it is not horny if Medium is in my own position or it is natural. If you use other companies’ services of Japan or anything else, the CA person seems to get angry. If you are told why you do not want to use Ameblo, I think it is simple yet fair.

Or is Medium advertisement in? It is a mystery how to monetize. I think the monetization of the blog service is really difficult. I do not want to get advertisements on my page without permission. Although Tubmlr was originally only selling skins, after being acquired by Yahoo, it eventually came to put advertisements into the Dashboard. It would be nice if the user stayed longer on the Dashboard.

Last year, I seem to have Deep Learning ‘s technology put in Google’ s Japanese translation, so I guess it ‘s going to be a good feeling if I thrust into it. Let’s do it later. If you put it here, you can see people overseas.

I tried it a lot, but I think it’s final, Medium. I wrote something not particularly meaningful in this entry, but I will increase my media power from now on.