Leap With Alice provides a FREE Augmented Reality creation suite.

Greetings to you all, ladies and gentlemen, today is a very fantastic day as we look forward to see the revolution of a new project which is known as the Mxc project.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, reducing poverty, creating a sustainable planet, prevent unnecessary diseases and death and promote peace.

Obviously Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better, It helps us build opinions and have perspectives on life. People are debating whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge.

It is extremely important that everyone is educated because it is essential to unleash the potential of a person. … Knowing things is not an education, but being able to learn how to do things and adapt to a new environment is essential to survival and socio-economic progress.

Good education plays a big role in shaping our future and our professional career. It helps us develop our personality and gain recognition and respect from family and society. We can say that education is socially and personally an essential part of human life..

Unfortunately, many people have been denied the opportunity to acquire the kind of education they want. Some problems may be financial, while others are environmental problems, lack of quality school, lack of quality teacher / lecturers, well if you are reading this and you are facing one of these problems, today is your day of redemption, as I present to you the first educational platform fueled by blockchain technology


The leapwithalice platform will provide teachers with a free tool to create engaging and personalized educational content using Augmented Reality. This AliceSuite will have options with a simple interface and will require no learning to create content. This will put educators ahead of the curve, rather than watching them struggle to keep up. Regardless of culture or religion, a common goal is to unite us all: to provide a better future for the next generation by improving education at the individual level.


Leap With Alice relies on the network of blockchains that strengthens its security and decentralized nature.

Being part of the blockchain ensures that the data generated by the students in the class remains safe and secure.

The use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency also has a very promising feature for educators (teachers). We all know that teachers are poorly paid in many parts of the world, while they are responsible for training the next generation.


The platform will use ALICE tokens to manage a market where teachers will be able to buy and sell augmented reality content. In the blockchain network, an Indian teacher can create a lesson on the animal kingdom that can be bought and used by a New York teacher. Due to the technologies behind blockchain and crypto-currencies, these teachers can easily transfer ALICE tokens in both directions, while ensuring the security and authenticity of their works.

The ALICE token allows and encourages educators to create and purchase lesson plans in a borderless market. This not only allows teachers to earn additional income from their contributions to the Leap With Alice community, but also allows 20% of their deal to be paid to the Leap With Alice Fund; a collection that returns to the classes of educators and their school districts.

Their unique platform will give users the ability to create educational content. This educational content can be viewed by students on the platform when they enter lectures. The team behind this platform wants to create a system that will help advance the education sectors.


The platform includes a unique system that allows educators to create a tutorial or educational conference for sale on the platform.

The classroom dashboard allows teachers to learn about student performance. As all their academic progress is all detailed on the dashboard.

Imagine a brilliant student somewhere in his country who is not given the opportunity to receive adequate education because of regional boundaries. That’s why leapwithAlice is here to help such a situation. If the student registers on the set with the Alice platform, he will be able to explore higher education and will also have the opportunity to be selected by a company or companies if needed such a personality .


AliceExchange gives platform teachers the ability to exchange content with each other using Alice Utility tokens. Educators can browse a variety of topics they need deeper insights into and then exchange Alice utility tokens for these needed content. Transactions on this platform are secure, flexible with the use of Alice Tokens. This helps the educators on the platform to personalize each student’s learning experience.

Leap with Alice aims to provide a variety of EdTech tools to the education sector. Leap with Alice improves education with augmented reality, secures users with blockchain technology and boosts activity through cryptocurrency. Leap With Alice aims to create a world in which students learn through this innovation.


It is true that with blockchain, anything is possible. Therefore, this Platform uses the goodness of the blockchain adventure to make it happen. Therefore, congratulations to the team behind the project.

All additional information about this project can be obtained from official sources:

website, White paper , Medium. Twitter. YouTube

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