MBBS in Ukraine from One of the Elite Medical Universities- A Great Choice than India!!

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Jul 3 · 3 min read

Hope your 10+2 exams have completed and you have been expecting a good grade with great marks. If you are a medical career follower, then, after completing 12th, the first thing that comes in your mind is qualifying for NEET and taking admission in a good renowned medical University. But, procuring MBBS admission in India is a dream to your medical dream. Tough admission process, higher fee structure, less availability of seats in Government medical colleges of India or demand for higher donation amounts; are some of the major reasons behind MBBS admission obstacles in India.

Still, after all this, you don’t need to get disheartened, as there are lot more another options are available for you in abroad.

At this point, MBBS in Ukraine comes out to be a great option for you!!

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe and is a place one wants to explore. Bordering with Russian Federation and a coastline of Black Sea, the country is an architectural landmark. The Mountains are suitable for campaigning, hiking and hunting. It is a tourist attraction during summers and spring.

With an exponential growth in the medical field, Ukraine provides one of the best options for Indian medical aspirants in terms of Top Medical Universities in Ukraine to pursue MBBS.

And this journey, Ukraine Education turns out to be the best companion for you!! The main goal of Ukraine Education is to provide a great future to its students by providing them strong educational foundation from Top Medical Universities of Ukraine.

There are variety of reasons that attracts international students, especially Indians and Top Medical Universities in Ukraine are the major one.

Ukraine is considered as the hub of medical education and one of the most stable countries that takes a lead in terms of Medical University Rankings. Apart from experienced staff with immense knowledge to share, there are other benefits that every medical aspirant in Ukraine encounters. Let us have a quick look onto it:

· Quality education with one of the finest curriculums in the world

· Affordable cost, according to the enrollees pocket; unlike India

· Globally recognized Medical Universities approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)

· Hassle-free Admission Procedures

· No English Language Proficiency Test required (IELTS/TOEFL)

· No donations | No capitation fees

· No Additional Entrance Test required

· MCI Coachings at the Universities

· Comfortable accommodation facilities along with Indian Mess

· Better job prospects with practical exposure to practical aspects

· Higher chances of permanent residence & settlement in Europe

· Opportunities to attend International Conferences and Seminars worldwide

· Multi-cultural environment & people with open-minds

· Moderate Climate all-round the year

Now, you really want to know- Top Medical Universities in Ukraine. Then, follow the below list of some Universities that are famous for Medical Education in Ukraine:

· V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

· Kyiv Medical University, Kharkiv Campus

· Kharkiv International Medical University, Ukraine

· Kharkiv National Medical University

· Dnepropetrovsk state medical academy

· Zaporozhye State Medical University

· Donetsk State Medical University

· Ternopil State Medical University

· Ivano Frankivsk State Medical University

· O.O. Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University, Ukraine

· Odessa National Medical University

· Black Sea National University

· Sumy State University

These entire benefits will lead you to success in your medical career and to this journey of achieving the tag, skills & qualifications of Doctor; Ukraine Education will never leave your hand. We deliver what we promise.

For every bit of information related to Top Medical Universities in Ukraine, their admission procedures, and everything related to Ukraine & Universities, contact Ukraine Education team of experts at 8448987593 or visit us at https://www.ukraineeducation.org/

We serve you from beginning to end!!

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