7 Amazing facts about Ukrainian language

7 Interesting Facts About the Ukrainian Language

The Ukrainian language belongs to the East Slavic group. have compiled a list of the most amazing facts about Ukrainian.

1. There are Three Major Dialects In Ukrainian

According to linguistic researches there are three main dialectical groups according to territory: the south-western group, the south-eastern group and the northern group of dialects.

2. More Than Forty Million People Speak Ukrainian Worldwide

According to the data released on the European Language Day in 2018, Ukrainian is on the list of mostly spoken languages in Europe. After the Ukrainian languges Polish and Dutch come on the list.

3. The longest Word In The Ukrainian Language

The book of Ukrainian records states that the longest word in Ukrainian consists of 31 characters and means “рентгеноелектрокардіографічного“. Before that, dictionaries registered a word of 30 characters — “дихлордифенілтрихлорметилметан” (the name of one of pesticides).

4. The Most Used Letter In the Ukrainian Language

The letter “п” is the most used letter in Ukrainian. The biggest number of words start with this letter. The sound of this letter is similar to English “p” like in “Polish”, “purchase”.

5. The Less Frequently Used Letter In Ukrainian

According to the recent researches, the less frequently used letter in Ukrainian is “ф”. The sound of this letter is similar to English “festival”. The reason is obvious. The linguists say that this letter came from other languages.

6. The Best English to Ukrainian Translator

This is just my personal experience and I decided to put it into this list, since this is very difficult today to find a professional Ukrainian translator. So my choice is Hanna Sles — the best and professional English to Ukrainian translator.

7. The Most Translated Book From Ukrainian

“Zapovit’ (“Testament”) by Taras Shevchenko is the most translated book from Ukrainian. It was translated from Ukrainian into 134 languages. Here is an abstract from the poem with two versions of the translations from Ukrainian into English:

Everything about Ukrainian language and Ukrainian translation services.

Everything about Ukrainian language and Ukrainian translation services.