Magic loss of LSD… Is it possible?

“Absolutely, it’s not that hard if you trip too frequently. And by that I mean to also trip for less true and pure motives, like eye candy and recreation. Tripping can only remain novel as long as you have fresh life experiences to reflect on. In the beginning there is so so much to see, to learn and experience… but you can’t expect to figure it all out by rushing it. That will more likely get you entangled. Integrating the trip is an important part, vital even. All this is why I don’t believe you can go on tripping and keeping it special. What stays special?

I now stick to once every 4–6 weeks max, but I guess it can easily be more like 8 weeks. No rush. Only when I feel there is some mental material to work on, so that it actually makes a difference to process emotions and thoughts that have accumulated and feel anew, rebooted, refreshed.

Can it become only a buzz? Well only if you really exaggerate! IME. But before that, you can gradually lose the most profound magic but still have amazing and interesting experiences before it truly starts feeling dull. But at some point, you can start feeling like it just can’t contribute anymore in a relevant way and you will probably realize that there is action to be taken, work to be done in your life, things you feel you want to change about your outlook, your habits, your way of life. If for some reason you have a hard time doing that it will mostly feel like a reminder.

All of this I have heard enough people say in similar wording. It’s a shame to fall into a gap of having trouble moving forward and having disappointing trips that mostly make you feel that fact all the more in-your-face.”

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