Searching for Inner Peace

Where is your go to place when you need time to think? When you need a little bit of headspace or time to respond to a couple of messages uninterrupted?

Well, mine used to be the bathroom, when my kids were very little, as in couldn’t follow you up the stairs and bang on the door, demanding to be let in so that they could ask you if you were having a wee or a poo (and if it was a poo, did they need to hold their noses?)!

I used to be able to escape to the bathroom, run a long bath and soak in it, choosing to watch Netflix or overdose on Office Organisation Clips on YouTube (I am a self confessed stationery addict — check out my Instagram for living proof of this!)!

Now, I’m lucky if I can have a two minute shower before I get a chorus of “Whatcha doing Mommy” or “I need a wee!” even though you know they don’t, they just want to come in and demand you make shapes on the steamy shower door so that they can sit there and scream the answers at you, before demanding more!

When my daughter was a toddler (prior to the boy making an appearance), I managed to study for my Exercise to Music qualification on the app on my phone, whilst chilling, in the bath!

Now they want to come in and ‘wash your back’ whilst bombarding you with questions about willies, bums, and other genitalia (“will I get huge boobies like you mommy??” No son, you won’t) before climbing in the bath with you and you have to add cold water then because “it’s too hot mommy!”

So, where do I go to get a bit of headspace? The car!