Publishing Applications Using Play Console and Bad Developer Experiences

I don’t recommend any developer to the Google play Developer console as a person being devoted to developing programs and applications for many years.

They have terminated our developer account without prior notice that we had been publishing educational applications for years comply with the Google Play Policy. We got 1 million downloaded popular application with the package name com.konusankizasistan

They have a non-moral application control and prohibition mechanisms. The applications are undergoing robotic inspection after they are published. If your application is suspended three times, your developer account is terminated. You are not allowed to register a developer account again.

Sometimes the application can be suspended from a small error you made without knowing. For example, if you have a copyrighted icon or content that you add to the application, your application will be removed after you publish it and you will be notified by email. Then it is too late. Sometimes, even if the application is rejected, they don’t always give you a chance to correct your mistake. We are all human beings can make mistakes.

They are very bad, especially in terms of support for developers. If your account or application is suspended, you can’t get a positive answer even if you object to it, and you’ll get template answers sent by the bots. Even if you say you are in good faith and ready to correct your mistake, these objections are not answered positively.

I’ve read numerous articles, disappointments, and developer stories about Google Play’s unfair use of this prohibition and account termination on the Internet. I never saw any positive comments. I understand the rigor of adherence to Google Play application publishing policies. However, you are not always offered a solution, prior notice about these terminations and suspensions by the world-leading company on the internet. For example, I haven’t seen a negative comment from app developers about AppStore. I have never experienced such difficulties in the Samsung developer console. If there is an error in your application they give you the chance to correct. They don’t threaten to close your account or ban your application.

Developers should be given the opportunity to communicate better with problem-solving in return for the 25$ developer registration fee.

After a few seconds your objections come back with similar answers and no return is made

If your developer account is closed once, you will not be able to get the developer account again from Google Play. When family members using the same computer connected to the same ip address, the new accounts are closed under the associated account name, even if they belong to another person when they want to open the developer account. You are being treated like a criminal. You cannot open a clean page even if you understand your mistakes.