A poem

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The truth that came to Urszula on June 19, 2020
It was a beautiful, hot, somewhat humid, sunny day.
One could feel the possibility of a cooling summer thunderstorm that may or may not come in the late afternoon hours.

About the dangers of putting your teachers on a pedestal

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I recently had a dream that followed me all day. It shook me and had me thinking.

The Universe is love, learn to see it everywhere

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There are days the beauty of the world (and man’s creations — music, art, literature, etc.) overwhelms me and brings me to tears.

The less you expect, the happier you can be

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Our lives all have their challenges.

A short story in three parts for Fiction Friday

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Part 1

I first met Mrs. Rose when her husband invited me to a soiree they were hosting. They were the type of people who used words like soiree, darling, lovely, and bosom. Her husband, Mark Rose, was an accountant at the paper I worked for. We became friendly over scotch one cold, winter snow day when no one else bothered to show up to work.

A Holocaust poem

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the danger of forgetting
the amber blaze
the deaths of hundreds
forced into a barn

A Chicago short story for Fiction Friday

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Just get on the train.

Urszula Humienik

writer, poet, copy editor, yoga teacher, vegan, wild woman, urszulahumienik.com, contact: uhumienik@gmail.com

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