There is now new hope for Hanako, and a way for everyone to help.

*Read this URGENT UPDATE on Hanako the elephant

This is for those of you who have been following my story about the movement to help Hanako. Hanako is a 69-year-old Asian elephant that has been living alone, in a small, barren concrete enclosure at a Tokyo zoo for over 60 years.

Now I have an important update: I have launched an Indiegogo campaign for Hanako. We have hit 12% of the goal, and only have have 27 days time to get 100% (or we don’t have enough to pay our elephant welfare experts and other travel expenses to meet with the zoo! Indiegogo will also take an extra 5% fee for not hitting the target)!!! So, please contribute anything you can, and share this campaign link via social media and with your friends and family. Every dollar counts now. Please help Hanako now! Thank you!

Link to campaign: