Make it Legal. Marijuana has Benefits.

Marijuana has been a very popular topic recently. With marijuana legalization passing on multiple states’ ballots, what is at stake? Should marijuana actually be legalized for recreational use? Many people would say yes. But why? Marijuana should be legalized because it is better for the medical benefits, the economy, and more.

First off, marijuana should be legalized for recreational use because it helps with the medical benefits. Marijuana is known for being a painkiller for serious conditions such as AIDS or cancer. With marijuana being only legalized for medical use, it becomes a risk for any patient or person who would need it to help cope with their pain. They face difficulties with retrieving the drug if they can’t obtain a medical card. Marijuana not only helps reduce pains, but it can also help cure or prevent further spreading of a disease. For example, according to Business Insider, marijuana has the ability to stop the spreading of cancer cells by stopping a gene known as Id-1. Another extensive medical benefit that marijuana provides is its ability to increase metabolism and hunger. For patients who are unable to eat due to their treatments or pains from sickness, they lose their ability to eat and don’t eat. This creates problems where the sick people starve or grow skinnier through time. With marijuana, the brain’s receptors are tampered with and causes them to activate. This helps with either weight gain or weight control. Marijuana would create many benefits if legalized.

Second, marijuana could be beneficial for the economy. Marijuana is currently being dealt through drug deals and sold illegally. Marijuana legalization would allow government to place taxes on it when being sold. According to, proposition 64 states that marijuana would have a 15 percent tax on the retail price. This is a benefit because these taxes are going to be distributed among drug research, treatment, and enforcement. This means the research towards developing better technology for testing would be supported as well as research on the beneficial qualities that marijuana possesses medically. Marijuana would also be helpful for our economy because it would create jobs. People would be able to work as growers of the plant either independently or in greenhouse factories, and others would be able to sell the drug in any given store. Legalizing marijuana would create a multitude of job opportunities for people and could potentially decrease the unemployment percentage. This would be beneficial for many people.

Third, marijuana would be beneficial for everyone if legalized. The main question that many pro-marijuana legalization ask is “Why should marijuana not be legal”? The argument being that marijuana is currently being used either illegally or medically, so why shouldn’t we legalize it? Marijuana, according to the New York Times, reduces the amount of overdoses in other drugs. As stated in the article, opioid overdoses are about 25 percent lower compared to states where marijuana is completely illegal including medically. Another argument is that marijuana is no worse than alcohol or tobacco. Unlike alcohol and tobacco, marijuana has proven medical benefits that can help people. Marijuana currently is still listed as Schedule 1 drug by the DEA, which places it on the same level as heroin and ecstasy. If legalized, people would be able to discover the medical abilities that marijuana has. It would steer people away from smoking tobacco, which has proven to damage lungs and enhance the chances of cancer, and lead them towards marijuana instead. Many people have been asking the question, but it has never been answered until now. Why isn’t marijuana legalized?

Overall, it is proven through research that marijuana isn’t bad for people. It has more proven benefits compared to other drugs that society is exposed to. Marijuana is already legalized medically in 28 states, so why shouldn’t it be legalized recreationally? Although being a schedule 1 drug, marijuana is better than people make it out to be. As it slowly makes its way onto many states’ ballots, marijuana legalization everywhere is inevitable. It has medical benefits for those who are ill, helps the economy grow with job opportunities and taxes, and it is something many people are waiting to see happen. That is why marijuana should be legalized.

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