My Crowdfunding experience

The past year, 2015, I decided to explore what it would be like to be a backer, and its definition would be that person who invests money in new projects because they are in need funds to carry the product, since, with the money raised, could begin the production process. In this way one feels he is contributing, so is with a grain of sand, in a better quality of life for the benefit of the world.

2 companies that had at that time in the radar was Kickstarter and Indiegogo, both reliable from the point of view of fundraising, in other words, not going to take over the funds that got the project or any project that appeared on the respective websites. I decided to start with a small amount, since 2014 remained both Twitter and Facebook, one of the first major products was pebble, that first smartwatch that revolutionized the market.

For those who do not know how this system works, I explain briefly, if one has a novel idea, with a company formed, has as a product 100% working and needs funds to be able to amplify your business, these companies like Kickstarter or Indiegogo uses to display your product (what is known as crowdfunding), usually the video shows you all the benefits to give you a better idea of its performance and potential one can contribute from $1.00 up to what the owner of the company decides, for purposes of example, asking $10,000. If one gives the minimum amount is how to monetize your ‘like’, you like the product but not so much to acquire it, and the highest amount up to partner can even be.

Returning to my first acquisition, by the year 2014 was already in full swing the “Fitness trackers” or monitors physical activity as a fitbit, Jawbone, or Nike Fuel (at that time), all cost equal to or above $100, I had heard that many people quitted them quickly for A or B reasons, then, before I go by a “pro” option wanted to see some introductory , then I saw this product:

TRASENSE MOVEMENT: The Smartest Daily Tracker for Under $30

For $35 ($30 + Shipping to Perú) was going to have a product that, in theory, would be just as good but a third part of the price of one recognized, so I decided to support the product, only luckily I bought one.

Then, encouraged and excited by this experience, since, until then, had not heard of any problem with any product you are looking for funding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, started to take more attention to what went out, also was my interest in having “new toys”.

This was my first gadget to arrive and was a total fiasco, both in terms of product such as user experience, the app had to install it manually (not in the store), steps that half were giants by 10 steps marked 10 kilometers, the plastic felt cheap, by what you have it on your wrist up to could be counterproductive, result: the product a disaster I saw the comments in the project all were the same, complaint about complaint, and after a while the official page stopped working.

Until it came TRASENSE MOVEMENT struck me a product that was being offered by the former adviser in branding, design and social networks of Obama back in the 2008 campaign: Scott Thomas; they were a deck of playing cards that, in a fun way, you showed to know about your brand, and the most interesting, they think of your brand, I found a great way to learn about the branding of a company, for it also, I signed up to support “the cause”, the product is called:

The Brand Deck

At this point I discovered that you could find products innovative, innovators, for a fraction of their real price, since “presale”, could buy them at the time, the promises of delivery were usually 4 months up on average, which closed the campaign, began production and sent it to its final destination, did not really care since they were products that did not exist in the market and there was no trouble to have them in a way immediate.

Was the first product that I received, great and fun, and it was this experience that I continued contributing as a backer in other products, the most fun are the letters that come in “Not Safe for Work”, words about what you really think about the product or service.

By what was said earlier, got a little “risk”, and that so far it had tangibly any product to which they had contributed (TRASENSE still not arrived), knew them only by that of the description and the video had shown me. I decided to go for this product:

Codie — Cute Personal Robot That Makes Coding Fun

I thought it was brilliant! It was a fun way to teach programming to children, of course, I have a daughter and I want to understand this process, since I had seen this video Code Stars where the owners of the leading technology companies say you the benefits that knowing how to program, so I said, this is the product, even thought (if believed in future time yet), give it as a Christmas gift , though now not be in that Christmas still.

Codie was one of the first that I bought and your last communication was 1 month ago, they only indicate which had thousand problems and therefore follows the delay.

Additional note: the original video is no longer available, I found the same video on another Youtube Channel.

After this, in the middle of that year saw 3 products that I thought were fantastic:

AfterShokz: Trekz Bone Conduction Headphones

They are headphones that let open ear to listen to the outside without depriving you of the music, for me they are perfect riding bike in Lima’s (Perú) traffic using headphones that isolate you from the outside world is very dangerous, is important to listen to a horn or any other type of noise can be avoided that you suffer a serious accident. Innovation is the sound transmitted through the bone, I have tried them and they are great!, finally a tangible product and it works!, does not use cables since they use bluetooth connection and are very comfortable, 100% recommended.

Touchjet WAVE: Turns TV into a Touchscreen Tablet

As its name implies, converts any LED TV into a Tablet, it seemed a novel alternative to projectors , also the it was very cheap comparing to any of them, so, make presentations in this way would be fantastic, whether it would be because even I don’t have it in my hands, hopefully the expectation as I hope.

And the final product I bought was:

Butterfleye: Smart and Versatile Monitoring Camera

A security camera, wireless connection to stream and with recognition of movements to distinguish between a pet and a person, also only recorded when it recognizes a genuine movement (at least so says the theory), by which saves bandwidth, power and storage space since all the video is going to the cloud (internet) from what can be seen from anywhere that you have internet access.

Still not deliver it, however maintain some communication to go by notifying advances.

Final experience

In short then, with Codie the novelties of the project are every 3 or 4 months and more the experience of TRASENSE, i decided not to invest absolutely nothing more than what he had done, the 6 products, only sent me 3: TRASENSE, Brand Deck and AfterShokz , 2 very good and one that I think a new form of deception in these times, about the other products: Codie, Touchjet wave and Butterfleye, only wait to send them, and I hope that the send in some time really.

I thought that as much as Kickstarter and Indiegogo would have any policy of criminalisation, then no, apparently there was nothing, at least until that moment, then there was a scandal with these 2 projects that defrauded thousands of backer: Coolest Cooler and Zano, a selfie drone. Seeing that Kickstarter has no responsibility for the outcome of the projects or at least do not want to have the best was to move away from that type of initiatives, perhaps as the saying goes, “make the innocent pay for the sinners”, and by the average amounts that are requested, my advice is to invest in a product 100% in the market, a final product.

Does my final experience? Very bad as final balance. I hope to do an update of this post when at some point I will send the products that are missing.

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