Despair in Deception

One morning I had awoken

Sensing an absence of self-fulfillment

A burden only she could lessen

Emptiness translates to lack of commitment

Leaving this place behind crossed my mind

Fighting demons alone sickened me

Without her energy I became blind

Bitterness occupied my heart when I was left to be

My questions will never be answered

Closure is a sensation I’ve yet to experience

Conjuring the nerve to preach these words

Floods my conscience with weariness

Sadness caressed my thirsting soul

Until I locked eyes with my love

My heart was a gift to her

The energy she had let go of

She did not want my gift

Returned with an unbroken spell

Her feelings tended to drift

Leaving me in a fiery hell

The emptiest of spaces

An indescribable place

Deepest of the abysses

My only refuge was her face

I am writing you from there

It appears I was mistaken

Memories of skin so fair

Left me feeling complacent

Longing for her company

A sensation I yearned for

Overcome with becoming weary

Until she became a whore

A turn of events

Unexpected shift

Giving herself became a sixth sense

I saw clearly through the mist

Maybe she knew my vices

Along with my crippling past

She found solace in the men she entices

Doesn’t matter how long you last

To believe in love

What an ugly joke

Temporarily astounding, like a dove

Paralyzing, as when God spoke

Yet to find comfort in this ride

Thoughts of how fill my conscience

When true love fatefully subsides

I am found searching for the next promise

Some may never know

How emptiness feels on a rainy day

When others’ true colors show

There is always a fee to pay

Perhaps there is a plan for me

This burden has only grown

Knowing I am not strong enough to flee

At least not on my own

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