Hesitation Speaks Louder Than Words

Cursed be the day I believe in imitations

There is a masterpiece beneath my ink

Uninformed to whether I’m falling for reality or fiction

But convinced I’ve discovered my missing link

This can’t be the end of my story

We must create our own fate

For she’s my only destiny

I’ll take her heart before it’s too late

You sat there in the dark cause you felt empty inside

It’s a heart aching, stale feeling, but don’t you fear

Even if your mind’s screaming, “What’s happened to my life?!”

My words are words you might want to hear

Let’s pretend this went exactly as we’d intended

So darling please, dry your tears

We’ll scream, “Let’s go get it!”

Dispose what’s left of your fears

When the world turns it’s back on you,

Have no regrets, don’t you quit

I’ll be waiting here for you

Let’s go get it!

I’ll pick you up, show you you’re not alone

My arms are your new home

It’s worth the pain, worth the risk

Waiting for your special kiss

Just the scent of her skin

Unlocks forbidden memories

I’m eternalized in what has been

Will we succeed or are we in jeopardy?

I spent years watching your emotion spill onto page

As I watch the hands of time proceed

I vow to bring along brighter days

Across both space and time, you’re all I need

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