The Eradication

My dream last night.

She’s going out to hit the town

I’ll follow her, I’ll track her down

Stare through the window there she is,

She’s intimidatingly perfect

Do my eyes deceive me?

She was not alone

Who could this child be?

This new man’s arms can’t be their home

No! This cannot be

This must be a dream

More like a corrupted nightmare

In pure shock, she reciprocates my stare

I never thought my heart would hold as much love

As it did for my one and only

With no sense of uncertainty, I never wore a glove

Across the room I see my son, and my lovely!

I’ll take this mysterious guest six feet under the ground

maybe he’ll get crushed and never be found

maybe he will fall, or maybe he will drown

either way I’m sure to take him down!

There comes a time when all else fails

You put the pressure on me, how can I prevail?

This weight I carry keeps piling on

He is not the one, love blinds what’s right from wrong

Mysterious, unwelcomed guest…

Who the fuck is this?!

He strokes her hair

he moves in close

she doesn’t care?!

I’m losing hope

This is my master plan, my justice served

Fight back just as hard as you can

This night reveals the man I really am!

A shade of red stained on my hands

I’ll do all that it takes to get to you

You’ve taken my flesh and blood

My one and only son

This will end with one of us dead

My inner demon is screaming “take him now!

Won’t get another chance, don’t let me down!

Don’t fucking whine

Cut him into pieces and you’ll be fine”

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