The Realization

Remain seated, this must be incredibly amusing

I’m waiting for you but time waits for no one

When we’d make love I’d feel our souls fusing

But that was exactly the energy you’d let go of

I’m about done speaking of this tragedy

I’ve said it can’t be, but it’s my harsh reality

The end of my love story,

A dark stain in my history

This poetry to my fellow man is useless

So why does it mean so much to me?

In my past, intertwining our hearts seemed pointless

But now, for that reason alone I’d thieve, grieve, bleed

I wish to return to her warmth and laughter

For Ive forgotten a life without it

I’m done tearing out sutures to lengthen the pain like it defines me and her

For me, a life of disdain is a perfect fit