If I Can’t Live Without You, Then Why Aren’t I Dead Yet? (A Letter To Yahweh)

Everything I’ve done was in hope for love in return

Now that it’s all been taken away

I’m locked in my personal hell left to burn

I wish she would stay.

When I look into her eyes I can’t help but see a part of me

When I went to kiss her lips, I couldn’t tell if it was reality or a dream

This emotion is chased after by all of humanity

But it’s a nightmare when it’s achieved without mutuality

Kidneys failing, and that stabbing pain in my chest..

I’m constantly disturbing my temple, but I’ve yet to bleed

This makes me wish I was laid to rest

Why hasn’t something killed me?

Father, remember the time I said, “God, just take my life!” Do You remember the nights when I cried every single night? Why was I subjected to such sorrow in my past when it’s left me indifferent? If You still want me here, I will stay and fight until you say, “Son, your heart is mine.”

Burdened by obligation, and founded by abandonment, an emptiness defined by silence.

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