Sport is life. Life is sport.

moved into software developers career and dropped everything health and fitness.

Competing, training, learning and hearing anything fitness seemed irrelevant to becoming a developer.

However being surrounded by friends that train and compete I was reminded how much analogous training mindset and business, career, leadership and even friendship is.

Intention, integrity, showing up on daily basis, doing the right thing right now. Success, failure. Disappointment, forgiveness, resilience. Starting over, letting go, perseverance. All of it matters in sport and in life.

What is your goal? What are you going after? How bad do you want it? What person you want to be? How much work are you going to put? What is your priority? What is your attitude? How do you talk to yourself ?

Sport is life. Life is sport.

Life affects sport, sport affects life.

It matters.

Learn to compete. Learn to challenge. Learn to feel comfortable with uncomfortable. Observe growth, change, shift. Measure, reevaluate. Change your focus, set new goals, define your strength.

It is for no one to own and for everyone to have.

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