So you want to be a Cybersecurity Intern?

General Terms/Acronyms

IOT = Internet of Things (e.g. like a coffee maker that connects to Wifi)

  • Health Services ISAC
  • Retail ISAC
  • Red Teaming = offensive cyber operations (like hacking into systems)
  • Blue teaming = defensive cyber operations

Government Specific Acronyms:

USG — United States Government

  • HIGH SIDE — Classified
  • LOW SIDE — Unclassified

Government agencies/organizations:

NPPD = National Protection and Programs Directorate

  • JCDC = joint cyber defensive collaborative
  • ISD = Infrastructure Security Division
  • NRMC = National Risk Management Center
  • CSD = Cybersecurity Division
  • JCDC: Joint Cybersecurity Defense Collaborative: Industry Alliance, 20 US companies, Feds, SLTT. International
  • SED (pronounced “SAID”): Stakeholder Engagement Division
  • CISA International: WHA: Western Hemisphere, NEA: Near East, AFR: Africa
  • ICS = Integrated Country Strategies (dictates how we should support them for mutually beneficial partnership)
  • “Post” — State Dept. offices in specific geographic regions.
  • IAA — InterAgency Agreements


Stix = a coding language for reporting cybersecurity indicators (based on Json)

Important Cybersecurity Events:

Stuxnet — 2012

Conferences and Cyber-Events:

RSA (San Francisco)



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