Second sight, Amen.

“David, I need your help. Rajaba almost hit me. I’m in grave danger! Meet me tonight at 7PM where all will be gathered back again.”

Goddess of Feminine and Rajaba The Respect came late to these gentlemen with lukewarm smile David felt so usual.
There were five seats for these people who came all the way from their dominions for another screening. The screening this one was grand. 
A whole giant hall where all kings and queens gathered with all the heirs of their kingdoms, servants, dwarfs and even plenty of spotted unicorns were also there with their packs.

“I apology for my very dreadful move during the screening, Fiqar The Sword. I meant no harm”, David seemed trying to apology in a way he was attracting a conversation with Fiqar whom happened to sit right next to him. 
There was nobody on David’s left side. Thus, attention pointed only to the other fellows, the bonfire or Fiqar himself who was seated on David’s left side.
“I have seen this movie before”, Fiqar spoiled David one part of the story.
“Oh, I see”, David nodded.

“Why would you see it again then? Is this merely because of the friendship agreement, you need a friend before New Year starts or you just feel like seeing me?”, David asked Fiqar
“I honestly only wanted to see you. I have done my effort to dress well in blue-checkered shirt, my loafers, and well-combed hair”, Fiqar explained.

Only if the world was evidently upside down, Fiqar The Sword and David were having this brief and touchy conversation.

“Anybody knows a coquette here, then?”, Phallus asked everyone during dinner that night after the bonfire.
“Really? A coquette you asked”, David giggly added.
“Well rather than gåy”, Fiqar The Sword replied to my impression of Phallus question.

“Gåy, not gay”, David thought to himself for few minutes.
Few minutes, David was thinking about it throughout that night. He guessed all things that Fiqar could be a sidekick to this term, curious bisexual, a pure homophobic or legitimately a heterosexual.

“Come with us, David. Let Goddess of Feminine heading back home. Her mother would not expect her to be home late at least three days in a row. Let her have a pleasant rest tonight”, Rajaba The Respect convinced me it’s going to be a good evening with the gentlemen while Goddess of Feminine heads back home after dropping us down when we finished dinner.

“David, are you taking a ride to go back home, or?”, Fiqar The Sword asked David briefly.
“Rajaba managed it pretty well to convince me joining you dearly gentlemen tonight, though”, David replied Fiqar.
“Right. Would you come with me and Phallus to walk out there for a while? We are ran out of cigarette for tonight”, Fiqar asked.

“Of course, it’d be nice to walk if it’s going to be two of us only too”, David fantasied things many times.

“Of course, shall we?”, the fact David could only reply as an answer to these true gentlemen.

“Super kicks, David. Has it been a while for the trend?”, Fiqar came out of the shop by the street and came to David who was waiting outside.
“Gracefully, my brother gave me this as a Christmas present. Otherwise I tend to wear a footwears like many other men in this city, Converse. You look in pleasure with that loafers though. I wish I could wear that, if only my arch pain would cooperatively work well with me”, David properly explained to Fiqar about his story. He felt this immensely rapid heartbeat during those five seconds.

And so they crossed the street back to Rafida Rejectionist’s front yard.

David would gaze at him at all times.
His eyes, his gestures when he and all these gentlemen were playing cards, his quirkiness, his bad English, his taste of music, his request for Phallus to play the music of Stacie Orrico and of course, his belly.
One thing David remembered, when he asked for The Beatles from 20th century as a request of music to play, his peripheral visions told him that Fiqar The Sword stared at him at least two seconds.

Not sure why. Perhaps, it’s because he was surprised a new young man who could not play cards in that peers would come forward and send over a request in purpose of warming up that space.

And so David left early for an excuse of being sleepy.

On his way back, David stared to the window glass on that second floor from outside before he climbed up to his ride, hoping someone would wave or smile to him at least in a straight men way.

to be continued.

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