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Pamplin TRIB’s coverage of this National Security Risk is very much appreciated.

Ooops, did I call it a National Security Risk?

No, our national homeless crisis and state-wide rules against Rent Control along with 45 years of Worker Wage Stag-flation and corporate off-shoring of jobs and untaxed capital gains is not technically a National Security Risk.

Neither is lead-contaminated water supplies to cities like Flint or Po’Town’s Public Schools a National Security Risk, not even a state or local emergency meriting continuing national news coverage. Nor ESCO toxic air emissions over residential and real estate market bubbling over the NW Po’Town neighborhood around the Chapman School from the family-owned private corporation’s gold mine of a mega forge supplying its Canadian clients at the Alberta Tar Sands with earth moving equipment that for decades now has needed re-supplying with parts nearly every day after single usage.

Nope no National Security Risk and don’t even ask about the cornered global market on colored designer glass from SE Po’Town’s DEQ permitted Bullseye and Uroboros Glass manufacturers who succeeded in cornering the market when EU Health and Safety regulations required the previous global market leading manufacturers to invest in properly functioning air filtration systems which was determined by investors to be too costly. So production moved to these 2 local manufacturers who didn’t have to worry about such a cost or business expense as it was passed on to the public as ‘externalized’ costs of doing highly profitable private bid-net.

We’ve learned from our corporate-captured Neo-Liberal E-Con’d News Media that if a deadly outcome is achieved by Islamist Terrorists planning and operations that is a National Security Risk. However, the same deadly outcomes achieved by a permitted business plan and unregulated Market Forces is not a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK. It is good business and we all grow wealthier as Economic measures tell U.S.

No need to air drop palettes of cash like Washington did over Iraq and Afghanistan time after time. Our INTERNAL DISPLACEMENT is caused by Market Forces not Daddy Warbucks. So no refugee centers, tent cities, converted armories stocked and staffed with food and jobs for U.S. as in George Orwell’s post WW I memoir of the homeless masses in the ruins of Europe titled DOWN and OUT IN PARIS and LONDON that allowed job-seekers to travel across borders with converted military armories providing subsidized food, shelter and showers or any national leadership attention required.

Not even a Presidential marathon campaign of nearly 2 constantly televised and radio broadcast years could generate one question to any of the candidates on homeless policy!

That is why your resourceful staff’s local coverage is matched only by Nikita Stewart’s beat covering Homeless Families in the NY TIMES for multi-faceted reporting of this National Security Risk by any other name.

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