The truth is, your need for a guide map is the only thing preventing you from reaching your goals. And it will continue to be the rock in the road standing between you and success if you choose it to be
Want to Produce Great Work? You Don’t Need More Tools, Motivation, or Discipline.
Blake Powell

This quote speaks directly to me. My goal is to become a writer and a blogger in hopes of turning my blog into a business. I would love to wake up every day thinking of the next best thing to give to all my readers. But, I am a perfectionist who has been waiting for the right moment and has been trying to follow a roadmap someone else has laid out.

I’ve read countless articles on how to become a blogger. The more I research, the more I find conflicting opinions on the same subject. Some say start with 10 posts and get yourself noticed. Others vouch for the guest posting route on Medium or a platform related to your niche.

With so many conflicting opinions, it has been difficult to take a single step with my writing. But, your article convinced me to take a step today. I’ve finally completed my first story and I plan to submit it to a publication by tomorrow.

I know the editorial process takes some time but this article comes at the right time in my journey. It’s time to act!

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