Ulrich Log Cabins Builds Mini Log Homes in Texas

Looking for the best mini timber shelter for your weekend stay? Anyone would love to leave behind their hectic life and run away to find solace in the arms of Mother Nature. Owning a small log house is extremely advantageous provided you get the structure you desire. There are a few quick points you must remember like where you are going to set it up, how would you use it, and what would be the cost? Once you have an answer for all these questions, you are set. Take a look at the factors you must consider:

The Space and Location

You might have decided that you need to get a log house, but are not sure about the location. If you have a lack of space, a corner cabin would be the best choice. You can find many log cabin kits on the Internet so do some research to select the one that suits your needs. If you don’t have to worry about space, the selection gets bigger.

The Purpose

Once the location of your log house has been decided, it’s time to think about the purpose. There are a variety of log cabins on the market with different functionalities. Are you looking for a home office or intend to turn the cabin into a guest house? You can also think about renting out the space. If you are planning to set up a play cabin for the kids, keep in mind that it should be loaded with all the essential features. A garden office should have the necessary security and safety features to prevent residents from being electrocuted.

Mini log cabins double as storage as they come loaded with features like laminate flooring, floor heating, skylights and twin skinned walls. You can also turn your cabin into a cozy living space. With plenty of choices, it’s important to work out your needs.

Come, Explore Ulrich Log Cabins

Ulrich Log Cabins offers customization services and there are many companies online that do the same. Reputation is a big factor and this is the reason why people choose the very experienced and skilled Ulrich Builders.

Worried About the Cost?

A small size cabin will never cost you a fortune, but do not compromise quality due to costs. Prices vary due to the size and other specifications of the building. For a tight budget, mini log cabins are a great selection.


You might also be keen about building your own mini cabin. This idea requires lot of planning and if it’s done perfectly, it can be an outstanding structure. Enjoy the rustic and cozy atmosphere that comes with a mini log cabin.