Europe, where is our humanity?

I’m now in Athens helping out in the make-shift camp in the harbour of Piraeus and it’s miserable. There are approximately 5000 people in the harbour, living in mostly non-waterproof tents on the asphalt. There are lots of women with their children where either the father is dead, still in Syria or already in Germany, Sweden, France, etc.

There are no sanitary facilities in the harbour. I’ve met women who hasn’t showered for weeks, that’s gone through their period without being able to wash themselves. There are porta-potties that are filthy and disgusting, a couple of outlets of water, a few toilets still left unlocked by the harbour security where people line up to wash themselves in the sinks. We are talking 2 sinks and 5000 people.

The uncertainty is enormous. Since the new rules came into effect last Sunday at midnight, no one knows what is going to happen. The only thing we’ve been told is that the ones that arrived before that date is “safe”. Safe to continue to live in these conditions, safe to be moved to another camp run by Greek police or military with only the most rudimentary facilities, safe to still not knowing if or when you can be reunited with your husband and family.

How can we let this happen?

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