The storm that blew the tents away

After having finished our shift at midnight, we were on the go again at 5.30 am for our next shift at 6 am. This time we were supposed to be watching the Eftalou beach and help at Eric and Filippa’s house, which they’ve turned into a warehouse, to sort incoming clothes. We had company today by Pam and Trevor, a lovely Scottish woman and an Aussie.

The storm that started last night was still going strong and we had heard that 3 of the tents on the lighthouse beach had blown down/away. We were sitting in our little 4x4 watching the dark as the wind was blowing and the rain coming down.

By the time the clock struck 07.30 we hoped that there would be no boats would be arriving due to the storm so we decided that me, mom and Pam would head down to the lighthouse beach and see if we could help clean up and Trevor would keep watch and let us know if any boats were coming. Oh the sight that greeted us!

The empty space where the tents used to be

Where there used to be 3 sturdy tents from UNHCR, there were only piles of wet stuff (mostly clothes) and the remains of the tents were down by the beach.

There had been a group of people down at the lighthouse beach when the storm started and they had tied down the tents to make sure they didn’t blow away but unfortunately in vain. Luckily everyone had moved away from the tents before they took off. The people that were down there had tried to salvage as much as possible and had put most of what was in those tents in the men’s tent.

Bags for the “dirty girls”

We spent our entire shift (until 1 pm) cleaning up the mess and get the tents organized again. How many more bags for the “dirty girls” I don’t know, but as you can see there were a lot of them!

The storm continued throughout the day, by nightfall the rain had stopped but it was still very windy. There were no reports of boats coming in or any more tragic stories from Turkey. Luckily we had time to get everything sorted so if tomorrow the boats start arriving again, we are ready.