Kidnapping and murdering of Afghan Citizens 2015

Kidnapping and murdering are major problems for afghan citizens

Since 2012 when Hamid Karzai was president of Afghanistan, every citizen was facing the below risks in their life in all over Afghanistan.

1. Kidnapping

2. Murdering

3. Drug Trafficking

4. Human trafficking

5. Bribery

6. Bombing

7. Corruption

8. Security Threats

9. Economical and Financial

10. Religious Terrorism

Foreigners are strongly to avoid travel to Afghanistan, as their safety and security will be at significant risk, all embassies citizen in Afghanistan o the current travel warning, which warns against travel to Afghanistan. The security threat to all other citizen in Afghanistan remains critical.

Crime Threats

Afghanistan remains an extremely dangerous country in the world. The security situation remains volatile and unpredictable with insurgents plotting high-profile attacks, kidnapping, murder, security threats against international and private sector. During all seasons the risk of kidnapping, murder, direct fire, improvised explosive device (IED) and rocket attacks remains very high since 2012 till now. All foreigners and afghan citizens must be on guard against assault, kidnapping, murdering and all forms of theft. Criminal activity is continuous and widespread.

Kidnapping Threats kidnapping remains a constant threat, particularly against Westerners who work for NGOs. Locals who work with Westerners are at risk, with insurgents often sending “night letters,” threatening to kidnap family and friends. Virtually every foreigner is considered wealthy, relative to local standards, and is a potential kidnapping victim. The motivation for these attacks is primarily financial, but criminal kidnappers might sell their captives to political groups with whom there is a definite threat of execution. Individuals who proselytize and reporters are high-value targets for kidnappers with a political agenda. Throughout 2013, kidnapping threats to Westerners and incidents of actual kidnappings were a major security risk.

Islamic State in Afghanistan increase, security fears within the Hazara and tajek communities are escalating.

Minority groups in Afghanistan have faced persecution and violence for decades, kidnapping and murdering.

1. 25 teachers of Kandahar province was kidnapped and murdered by Taliban (Roushd Agency News reported 20/May/2014)

2. Mohammad Karim Karimi who was merchant for tyre and battery was kidnapped from Quowi-e-markaz Kabul city (Daily open society and Tolo news reported 3/April/2013)

3. 6 member of mine removal team were killed and three others were abducted following an ambush by gun man in western Afghanistan (CNN News reported 10/July/2014)

4. Taliban gun man stopped two vehicles in central of Afghanistan and shot dead 15 passengers at the side of road (Yahoo News reported 25/July/2014)

5. Masked gun man in southern Afghanistan have abducted 30 men from Hazara minority (BBC News reported 24/February/2015)

6. 5 aid workers was kidnapped and murdered by gun man in the volatile southern of Afghanistan (The Guardian News reported 3/March/2015)

7. 4 hazara farmers were kidnapped in ghazni province as they were buying livestock in the local market (Human rights watch reported on 17/April/2015)

8. 19 men kidnapped from Zabul province (Circa News reported 11/May/2015)

9. Kidnapped son of Gillani parliament member from Kabul city (The News tribe reported 24/May/2015)

10. Mohammad Habib Bashiri who was merchant in Quowi-e-Markaz Kabul city, kidnapped and killed by gun man (Tolo News report 15/May/2015)

11. Makita owner Haji Din Mohammad was merchant in Kabul City, kidnapped and killed by gun man (Tolo News reported 15/June/2015)

Tolo News reported dated 6/July/2015 from January till end of June 2015, 409 were kidnapped in all over Afghanistan. These numbers are increasing day by day. All citizens were facing fear and unsecure by these armed gun man in all cities of Afghanistan. Afghan citizen blaming their government, police and high profile ranking government members to be involved in such criminal activities. They also reported from month of January 25 numbers, February 31 numbers, March 71 numbers, April 105 numbers, May 124 numbers and June 53 numbers were kidnapped from different cities of Afghanistan. In this report also shown man, woman and children are also victim of kidnapping by gun man. But why government cannot stop these kidnappers to kidnapped Afghan citizen.

Afghan citizen blaming why their government don’t take any action regarding kidnapping in Afghanistan, so if they don’t then it shown that they also involved in these criminal activities.

Every year Afghan citizen escapes from their homeland because of these criminal activities and seek asylum to Europe and other countries of the world.


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