I’m hoping to find a better one that cuts a cleaner line around the phenomena
Stress Response, Growth Mindset, and Nonviolent Communication
Proof Of Logic

From what I've understood of animal models of fear/curiosity (and the variations in skittishness in horses/mice) is that the optimal configuration is not possible in an individual, but instead the group needs to have a mixture of mindsets (that adapt to demands in the environment) to fully appreciate.

Have you looked into how the response is mediated by internal vs external factors? I’ve been going under a perspective that outside forces imposing will upon others lead to a loss of control, but curiosity and self-motivated learning lead to a sense of empowerment and agency. Horses and mice that are tuned to be highly reactive to stress and anxiety are also typically the first to enter a curious state of mind and explore novelty more aggressively when feeling safe. I find this lens to be much more fruitful as it leads to the different mindsets as being a result of these underlying forces.

This also suggests that society and family level differentiation is a normal mode of our development and why mass public schooling end up squashing creativity and curiosity in those who would benefit from unschooling. Individuals with a high curiosity drive are novelty seeking, and repetitive/wrote learning are less rewarding to the anxious mind.

That shame plays a role in molding peoples behavior could also explain why you’d see an association with the “replacing guilt” model. I think both agency oriented thinking and shame removal are really just ways to remove the culturally laden modes of thought that we get through our ill-fitting social bonds.