How to Revoke Access to prevent from spamming people on Twitter

This is an UNOFFICIAL INSTRUCTION GUIDE on how to revoke access to the social media tool

I am *not* a representative of twitter, just a fellow user who has seen many complaints against @commun_it for years.

Following this guide will assist you in preventing your twitter account from unknowingly spamming followers and filling up your twitter profile with unwanted nonsense.

This will block’s app from all access to your account. To use their service (re-enabling spam), you will need to authorize it again by signing back in to

Guide written August 21st, 2016 
using Google Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m

NOTE: If you need direct help from twitter, please find the “help” link on their website to access their support page.
Where to find support area on twitter.

Step 1, Going to Twitter:

Navigate to

Step 2, Navigate to the Account Settings page:

  • On the right hand ( → ) side, click on your Twitter Profile Icon (1) to open the menu.
  • Then click on the “Settings” (2) menu option .
  • Alternatively: you may also go directly to
Open the menu and click settings

Step 3, Navigate to the Application Settings Page:

Click to go to Apps section

Step 4, Revoking Access:

  • Scroll through the list of apps and find the one for
  • Click on the button next to it labeled “Revoke Access” to prevent the app from using your account to spam.
Clicking Revoke Access will stop it from using your account

Bonus Step, Reporting the App to Twitter:

  • Consider also clicking “Report application” to alert twitter that the app was abusing your account.
Reporting the application will alert twitter that it may be violating rules.

  • Upon reporting you will be presented with this notice:
What it looks like if you report the app.

  • You should also receive a confirmation email from twitter similar to this one:

Good luck!

Remember: you should never need to give your twitter password to anyone. Be sure to always check that you are on a trusted domain before logging in:

REMEMBER: If you need direct help from twitter, find the “help” link on their website.

Where to find support area on twitter.

If you are still having trouble with revoking access, I suggest searching thru twitter’s help page.

Ape Inago
Fellow Citizen of Twitter

You are welcome to Direct Messsage (DM)me on Twitter. While I may not be able to help, I will do my best to point you in the right direction. (don’t forget to mention that you’re having trouble with

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