Can the same way of thinking be extended from the Self, to all relationship identities — including including abstracted ones such as organisational identities and brands — perhaps even to the notion of Time as emergent?
Daoist philosophy has been based on this premise for over 2,500 years.
Hank Sohota

I certainly think so. This this idea, along with the notion that the self is ‘emergent’ is the basis of my hypothesis I have quoted in my pinned tweet:

I’m trying to approach it from a “why” perspective. That is to say I am investigating the “demands” that a living system need that ‘require different selves’ and trying to back-track it into the resulting brain structures that emerge.

Taking this approach has has brought to light a number of interesting phenomena that I think can be explained under the model of information theory, complexity theory, and the way in which agents organize themselves in to “ complex adaptive social systems”.

TL;DR: I want to figure out if ants could evolve into having an equivalent to what we do with our prefrontal cortex. Or for that matter, if they even need one to ‘think’.

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