but for some reason or another, people think I can cure cancer.
Hi Kiki!

I wonder how much of this anti-rhetoric is a result of a framing that is popularized by news-media. I’ve seen a many innocent and well-meaning ideas turned into hit-pieces trying to get an emotional rise out of their audience.

It really is tragic when something intended to be used for good is cast in a negative light because it happens to match a narrative pattern of meaningless disruption. On top of that it makes it really hard to actually distinguish between actual bullshit and well-meaning but misconstrued ideas.

A recent casualty I saw was the group who were talking about using drones to deliver Soylent remotely to rural areas out of reach… meanwhile Amazon just patented an entire flying warehouse design to do basically the same thing. But because one of them chose to use Soylent as an idea to appeal to fellow radicals, the popular narrative for one ended up turning sour. Meanwhile, Amazon is probably going to sells a lot of Soylent, but only to cities where flying a blimp would be cost effective.

Great ideas being shot down before they had a chance to even get off the ground.

Keep inspiring people with what you do. Hopefully the people who your idea resonates with are the ones who will hear about it despite the flack.

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