The only way to get your 10,000 followers on Twitter to “follow” you onto Mastodon is for every single one of them to sign up for Mastodon, find your account, follow you there, and then if you ever want to reference past conversations, link to a bunch of old Twitter threads. By 2021, Twitter will be dead, and you’ll have to use Yuck.
Mastodon is dead in the water
John Henry

One of the features I see being really useful is some way of injecting old tweets into the database somehow and back dating it. I’ve already been poking at my twitter export data and the logistics of it, but I think it’s doable.

Scraping other’s tweets is against the terms, but end users own their content and license it to twitter… so importing the DB should be legit.

That I can even imagine writing code that lets me do this for an instance I run myself is what is drawing me to the federation platform.

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