The even scarier thing about all of this is the technology outlined in this article does in fact exist, and everything I’ve proposed is technologically possible and is exactly what Cambridge Analytica claims they can do.
Did Donald Trump Use Artificial Intelligence to Win the Election?
Trent Lapinski

What really bothers me is that people don’t even know this tech exists. It has been on my radar since 2013 through my interest in trends in marketing technology and a fascination with personality and genetics.

I’ve got a thread on twitter about it — and found your post while expanding on the Cambridge Analytica thing (they used that “applymagicsauce” as their way to get past facebook’s hiding of likes).

Its fairly obvious to someone interested in the field of marketing and growth hacking to see how Trump’s campaign did it. Motherboard nailed the topic and it fits a model of what John Robb calls an “open source insurgency”.

Heck, you can even see evidence of the growth hacking just by watching how receptive his blog was to narratives echoing around reddit. The rapid adoption of the swamp phrasing is a great example.

But now I’m scratching my head about the Russia manipulation narrative and why it’s echoing around. If I put on my conspiracy theory hat, it makes me really troubled.

My guess is that interest groups in Russia were acting on their own accord due to it’s own incentive (fake news is a great way to make money). But due to some syncopation with Kushner’s growth hacking techniques that took everyone by surprise, and the unexpectedness of it’s effectiveness, it is making people suspicious. But this kind of growth hacking was the same kind of thing that helped Obama raise a ground swell back when he was elected, and really is an evolution of what even made Ron Paul a contender when he ran. This is becoming the norm.

I guess all I can say is that we live in interesting times.

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