And not about the author anymore.
Why you shouldn’t blog on Medium
Yann Girard

You’re right: if someone wants to get attention for writing and build a brand, competing for it on medium itself is a non-starter.

I write on Medium because I enjoy reading on Medium. I appreciate that that it lets me follow writers just like Twitter. I like that I get highlights and comments that other people I follow have made.

For me: It’s never been about the author, it’s about the community of readers and the meaning making they do. And Medium facilitates that with a good UI and a social oriented framing.

I suppose I’m not here because I’m looking to game some system and get a following. I’m here because I enjoy writing and sharing my weird perspective with the communities I’m part of. I also enjoy reading other’s perspectives and rummaging through the diaspora of thought presented to me.

I want to give anyone who wants to read my stuff that same reading experience. I don’t know how to do that with a typepad or a wordpress. There isn’t anything quite like Medium that provide such laser sharp focus while still maintaining control.

Maybe there should be?

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