Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket to make you a Superhero

Are you a big fan of Star Lord, the protagonist in the superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy? You are not alone as this fictional character has millions of fans around the country. Star Lord, or Peter Quill, as he is known as in Marvel Comics and the movie, is the savior of the galaxy as he fights villains along with other members of this team which is called Guardians of the Galaxy. It is no surprise then to find such a craze among his fans for the attire that he uses in the movie. There are dozens of sources from where you can get a Star Lord jacket but to be able to lay your hands on the best quality and the most authentic garment, you need to visit

Replica that is most authentic

Ultimate Apparels is perhaps the most popular online source of leather garments, particularly jackets and coats. The company uses high quality leather and the finest quality accessories to create stylish and fashionable products for its quality conscious customers. It has a huge number of satisfied customers who keep coming back to shop for latest celebrity garments. Ultimate Apparels has also made this beautiful and stylish Star Lord jacket inspired by the attire of Peter Quill from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. This new edition Star Lord jacket is in high demand among the crazy fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Peter Quill aka Star Lord.

Salient features of the jacket

The new Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord jacket is made from genuine leather and it is maroon in color. It has a distressed leather look because of dark shade of maroon visible at different places. The jacket has erect collars and a zip at the front for closure. What is eye catching is a flap at the front that conceals this zipper. The flap folds and sticks to the chest with the help of snap tab buttons. The jacket looks beautiful with a design made on the shoulders and the sleeves. Small belts with buckle on the cuffs look very cute.

Maroon leather jacket for men
Inspired by the attire of Star Lord
From the movie Guardians of the Galaxy
Beautiful design on the sleeves and shoulders
Flap concealing front zipper
Belts on the cuffs

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Lord Leather jacket has been crafted to perfection by the use of finest quality leather and expensive accessories. It has excellent sticking and fits snugly to keep you ready for action. Whether you wear it when moving in the mall or when taking part in adventure activities with friends, this leather jacket is a perfect outerwear for all occasions of a casual nature. You can also wear it proudly during the Halloween dressed up as Star Lord, the soldier who is the savior of the universe along with other members of his team.

This is a replica of the jacket that was worn by none other than Chris Pratt, the heartthrob of millions of girls, in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. You can not only catch the attention of all others in a party by wearing this jacket but also get celebrity treatment because of this super hero attire.