How does new image search filters help eCommerce website?


Google has been implementing more changes to image search which are designed to assist people find an exact images they required, while other changes only affect searches in niche categories. Showing an Images search on a mobile web browser will now return a set of filters to help you slight your search down even extra.

Image optimization

Image optimization is important element of building a successful E-commerce website. Because images can generate a lot of web traffic from image-based search engines like Google. Large size images can take up a lot of time to load, thereby it is advisable to reduce image size and compress it. Add image alt tags that identify what your image is to the search engine crawlers and to page readers.

Product optimization

Product pages are the substance for any eCommerce website. When it comes to ranking well and converting browsers into buyers, it is important to structure and present products properly to search engines. In this instance, it is good to add more detailed description about the product.

Google new update for image search

Google has been increasingly building its search results to offer extra organic and varied tips than just a string of websites. The Google’s new update of Image search proves to be a valuable source for people looking at style ideas.

It offers a gallery of stimulating lifestyle images. It is best idea from Google that let users see their outfits in real-world.

How it will have an impact on E-commerce site

Only minimum visitors will reach at an ecommerce website knowing exactly what to look for, need to implement an advanced product filter system to help them look for products on your site. When product filters are implemented well, then visitors will be able to look at the different products you offer and specify it to the few ones that convene their needs and preference. Product filters are central to your customers ability to browse via your product list. Now with Google changes shopping search results, store owners will also have the option to add a badge to their website to display off their review score, which can be customized in a variety of ways.


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