Which Logo Style is Right for Your Website?

The logo gives a clear impression of your company and helps to convey right messages to your potential customers. Before they walk through your website they have more likely formed opinions about your company based on logo design.

According to an expert, a successful logo needs to be:

• Unique

• Simple

• Versatile

• Memorable

• Work without color

A graphic designer should work through a logo creation challenge eventually involve logo design in one of your project.

Below points are of different types of logo styles:

• Initials or Lettermarks

• Wordmarks

• Enclosures

• Calligraphy, Typography or Script

• Emblem

• Crests

• Brandmark or Symbol

• Stamps

• Shapes

• Combination Marks

• Minimal

Illustrations of some examples along with some tips on how to choose proper logo which represents your company:

Wordmark: The often stylized using unique fonts are known as wordmarks. This style works best when the name of the company is very distinctive. It’s not a bad idea to have a clear logo which easily communicates the name of your company because it’s important when getting the word out about your business.

Lettermark: The key element for creating a logo is simplicity and lettermarks are about as simple as it gets. They are similar to wordmarks but highlighted the company’s initials rather than their full name. Lettermark logo design makes easy way to remember and its assigns a visual weight to every word of your company’s name

Brandmark: This logo design can give your audience a clear picture of your company’s identity with no use of words or letters. But a slight drawback of this logo design is that can be a risky move as it is only a symbol, any person looking at it won’t able to see your company name which means it might be not suitable for a new startup company which is trying to get people familiar with their brand.

Combination mark: the combination of text and a symbol makes a combination mark which can spell out the name of the company along with the visual icon. This logo design is more complex, they consume more time and thought to design effectively.

Emblem: This logo design involves placing text inside of a symbol .Theses are not only used to resemble the look of an official seal, government, and political organizations but also used by well professional private companies.

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