Corrosion protection (zaštita od korozije)

Corrosion protection is important for many activities and products.
The Ultra Ever Dry Hrvatska coating for corrosion protection

Iron and steel corrode when are in contact with water and after some time metal surface corrodes. Rust is formed by chemical reaction between the metal, the oxygen in air and water.
When it is mixed with dirt is converted to the acid. Because of that reaction a metal, iron, and steel needs a corrosion protection. 
Numerous coatings market are short-lived and after a short time it is necessary to re-apply a coating that is not long-term solution.
Classical coatings on the market have a galvanic action and act as a “barrier” of influence from the environment to the surface; metal, iron or steel.
Ultra Ever Dry has a superhydrophobic effect and in contact with the surface forms a barrier that repels water because of it’s nanotechnology effect, or does not allow the “access” to the surface, creating the best long-term protection.
Ultra Ever Dry Hrvatska coating helps to:
-suppress the corrosion;
-prevent the corrosion

In big cities and on public surfaces if we don’take care of corrosion; aftermath can be serious and dangerous for citiziens safety.

It is not rare that public lightning has corroded and collapsed on cars and other public surfaces and that’s why is important to prevent it.

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